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Due to taxation considerations and IRS compliance, ODV will be required to have 100% membership at all of it's events. Starting Jan04, there will be no differentiation between member and non-member fees or status--ODV happy hour event fees will be $20* for every person and every person will be a member. Membership fees will be absorbed into the new monthly happy hour rate; therefore, there will no longer be separate membership dues. After attending your first event, you will be given a membership card that will offer discounts from all ODV sponsors. We encourage you to sign up for events on the website using PayPal or sending your check to ODV prior to the event. With this new system, many events will be by reservation only, due to capacity limits from the host. As always, it is highly recommended to print your PayPal receipt--you'll get in much faster!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We recognize this new system requires a higher payment for some of our membership. Please recognize that membership dues and event fees have not increased in two years. Most importantly, this new fee structure will give us higher expectations, higher quality wines, and delicious appetizers (and more of them) at our events. Thank you for helping us comply with the IRS. Feedback is welcome by sending e-mail to [email protected] or discussing it with a Board member at one of our events. Thank you for your understanding.

* Excluding special circumstances. Any changes will be posted on website.

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