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Chilled champagne to toast the happiness of newlyweds. Velvety bordeaux for a leisurely romantic evening. Refreshing pinot grigio for an elegant accent to a casual summer picnic. A light chianti to enjoy while reading a favorite book before a roaring fire.

The varieties of and occasions for wine are endless. But the constant you can be sure of is fine wine's ability to complement food and conversation to make many an event memorable.

That's why ODV has dedicated itself to demystifying the art of wine appreciation, to discrediting its pretentious stereotype and repositioning its accessibility to a broad and diverse range of wine lovers.

Our monthly happy hours offer a casual setting to taste-test wines and some of Kansas City's newest and most unique dining venues. These affordable events are an ideal way to socialize with wine enthusiasts while sampling various fruits of the vine and specialty hors d'oeuvres from our hosts.

Our educational dinners—formal multi-course, sit-down affairs in elegant local settings—feature guest wine makers, executive chefs and industry leaders. Take advantage of unique access to their expertise to learn more about the process of making, serving and drinking wine, as well as effectively pairing wines and foods to enhance the flavors of both.

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